Company Bio

Formed in 1996 to design and produce innovative decoders to provide superior performance and reliability with the majority of other brands; this has culminated in a comprehensive range of types, all incorporating highly effective lightning protection and a 5 year warranty.

Complementary to decoder development, Tonick has developed a range of versatile controllers from a simple low cost stand-alone wall mount, through to a full Internet based controller with its own embedded web pages and open SCADA protocol, for city-wide irrigation networks

For companies with their own controllers, but not yet with decoders, Tonick offers a range of components which they may embed to operate proven decoders.  This avoids the technical risk and time-to-market in attempting their own designs.  These components range from simple as a pre-programmed micro-controller and a reference design, up to ready-made interface cards, DIN rail mounting or Eurocard.  These latter can communicate with the controller using a simple ASCII protocol, or Modbus RTU slave.

A Decoder/solenoid in one small package (Decoder In A Solenoid, DIAS) is now offered.  This is not much bigger than a conventional solenoid, but  includes the  lightning protected decoder as well.  With a diagnostic multi-coloured LED and the elimination of two decoder-solenoid waterproof joints, the DIAS is a significant improvement in classic decoder technology.

Decoder-based watering systems have many advantages over satellite systems. Thanks to the quality of design and build embodied in Tonick decoders, unreliability and lightning damage are no longer a problem.

Tonick decoders are proven over twenty years? installation in well over a 3000 sites around the world. Golf, Landscape and Agriculture

Mission & core values

  • Reliable, proven decoders.  With a 5 year warranty , including lightning damage.
  • Much simplified, but highly effective lightning protection. Significantly lower installation costs
  • Ways for controller manufacturers to add decoders, avoiding technical risk and time to market
  • The world’s only open-protocol system Decoder In A Solenoid (DIAS)
  • Unsurpassed technical support, straight through to knowledgeable engineers.
  • Always wanting to listen to requests for new products and to find solutions to field problems
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