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  golf course irrigation & landscaping > two-wire decoder option for hunter® icc controllers

Two-Wire Decoder Option for Hunter® ICC Controllers

One of the World's most popular commercial controllers can now operate low cost, but rugged, two-wire decoders from Tonick Watering.

Hunter® introduced the concept of personalized construction for controllers - allowing customizing to effectively handle the odd number of stations a system may require - and the acceptance has been overwhelming. Now this concept has been extended by Tonick Watering to allow decoders to be used, adding a new dimension to cost saving and flexibility. The Tonick ICC-Decoder® module is just snapped in to the first slot, replacing the Hunter® multi-wire module. It immediately extends the ICC to 48 stations without the need to use a 6 slot cabinet or any multi-wire modules. Alternatively the Tonick ICC-Decoder® module can share with Hunter® modules, assigning the remaining stations to decoders.

What is a Decoder?  

Decoder technology has been the preferred irrigation control technology in Europe for two decades. Decoder systems use a single pair of wires to operate a number of stations with individual decoders connected along a two-wire path. Each decoder is its own small waterproof control unit that is separately addressable with both power and signal sent over the same pair of wires.

Decoder systems offer many benefits to both the installer and operator. First, less copper wire and associated labor reduces cost and simplifies troubleshooting. Repair of damaged cable is simple in the extreme compared to multi-wire. In addition, stations can be easily added in the field after initial installation, without digging in new wire back to the controller.

Best of all, decoder systems are easy to operate. User operation of the ICC with decoders is identical to that with multi-wire modules fitted. Only in troubleshooting are diagnostic facilities slightly different. At installation, each decoder is quickly and simply programmed in the field with a unique address, using terminals on the driver module, then wired between the solenoid and the main two conductor cable.

For the professional installer, the Tonick Decoder Programmer/Tester is available.

Where Decoder Systems Work Best
Project savings can be made where the total wire required exceeds 1200ft (400m). Phased projects where it would be difficult and expensive to run wires back to a controller, or where the final number of stations is undetermined, are ideal for the ICC with decoders, as well. Thus, the potential uses for an ICC-Decoder® system would be at such sites as commercial projects and large estates, hotel grounds, industrial parks, sports fields, cemeteries and multi-family home projects.

Further discussion and third-party opinions can be read by accessing the prestigious 'Irrigation and Green Industry Magazine', the official publication of the ( USA ) Irrigation Association. Articles are available on-line at:

Lightning and Surge Protection

Surge protection is vital to the reliable operation of all decoder systems and the Tonick decoder for the ICC is no exception. Ten years experience by Tonick Watering over nearly 2000 sites gives the design of the ICC-Decoder® unsurpassed lightning protection. The plug-in ICC-Decoder® module is similarly engineered and importantly, affords the basic Hunter® ICC controller improved protection compared to that with its existing multi-wire modules. The ICC with decoders is equipped to handle sites where lightning strikes or electrical spikes are a big concern. Tonick Watering warrants its ICC-Decoder® and module for 5 years, including damage by lightning.

Tonick Watering Ltd

Tonick Watering has been providing decoder systems for third-party controllers for nearly 10 years. They make the widest range of decoders in the world. All this experience together with a well-equipped high-voltage laboratory, ensure that their designs are unsurpassed in lightning and surge protection. Using unique technology, only one earth stake assembly is required per installation, in contrast to costly multiple protection systems down the cable, required by other makes.

As a culmination of 10 years experience combined with leading edge design, Tonick have been able to engineer a rugged decoder system for the Hunter® ICC at a price which makes it viable for around twenty or more stations compared to multi-wire

Visit UICORP for further information upon ICC Decoders

Hunter® is a registered Trade Mark of Hunter Industries.

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