NEW Decoder In A Solenoid (DIAS)

by Tony Ware on 28th August 2016

The decoder and solenoid are now one!

With ultra minuturisation, the decoder portion is encapsulated with the solenoid.  A series of thread adaptors means this can be screwed into most major makes of valve.

2way Fusion

A 2-way DIAS howing multicolour diagnostic LED

Using advanced techniques, the holding current of the solenoid is only 30mA, about 1/10 of a normal 24VAC.  This allows up to 16 stations to be active at the same time without overloading the 2wire path.  At a low active station count, distances may be a long as 11Km

Decoder address can be set from 1-127 using a low cost programmer tester.  If set to address zero, the DIAS performs as a normal 24VAC solenoid, retracting its plunger as soon as power is applied.  It still only draws 30mA.  This means smaller multiwire cables or longer distances.

Rugged lightning protection is built in.  No grounding along the 2wire path is necessary, apart from one at the controller.

A variety of interfaces are available to suit OEMs who wish to add the DIAS capability to their own controller.  This included Modbus RTU.






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