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A range of irrigation controllers, valve decoders and sensor decoders for moisture, pressure, flow and digital input.

Multi-wire irrigation controllers and PLCs that want to offer 2wire can benefit from a versatile range of adaptors.  This allows 2wire without massive developments costs or technical risk.

Tonick Watering was formed in 1996.  Its products are used all over the world.

Golf Course, Landscape and Agricultural Irrigation Controllers & Decoders

Irrigation controllers & decoders for new installations & retrofits.

  • Market Leading irrigation Decoders
  • Agricultural irrigation systems
  • Golf course & sports irrigation
  • Landscape irrigation systems
  • 2 Wire sub-systems to add to your own controller or PLC
  • Golf & sport Irrigation accessories

Agricultural, landscape and golf course irrigation

  • Irrigation Controllers & Decoders, Sensor Decoders
  • Professional 3/4 Inch Hose Nozzles and Wetting Applicator Guns
  • Toro and Rainbird Upgrade Profile Brass Sprinkler Nozzles
  • Sprinkler Testing and Auditing Equipment
  • Long Throw, Travelling and Impact Sprinklers
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